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How to Say a Tongue Twister

"The sixth sick shiek's sixth sheep's sick." According to the Guinness Book of World Records, this is the hardest tongue twister to say in the world. But, with that said, it's not impossible to say it. You may actually be able to say it quickly and on-the-spot. But, this takes time, effort and practice.
  1. Find the tongue twister you want to say successfully. Here let's use "Goodblood, bad blood."
  2. Write it down on a piece of paperread it five times to yourself.
  3. While looking at it say it at a normal speed, but whispering. Do this five times.
  4. Now read it out loud very slowly, five times, "Go-od Bl-o-o-d, ba-d bl-o-o-d".
  5. Do this again without looking at the paper.
  6. Now say each word separately five times. Good five times, blood five times, etc.
  7. Say each section (if any) of the tongue twister five times. "Good blood" and "Bad blood" are two separate sections in this tongue twister.
  8. Say the tongue twister five times, but putting pauses in between each word: "Good. Blood. Bad. Blood."
  9. Close your eyes, focus, and say it once. Did you say it right? 
  • If not, repeat all steps.
  • If so, say it twice more and see if you can still say it.
    10. Test yourself, say it five times fast.
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